8:15 pm

i’m afraid. not of the shadows within the night or the rustling that echos up to my windows. i’m afraid of myself. going from happy to the deepest darkest depression is much like a splash of freezing water on your face. although, the feeling is much more sinister than this. waves of complete and utter sadness and pain ripple through my body, leaving me feeling completely alien.

the thoughts that run through my mind bring fearful tears to my eyes. you know deep down in your soul, there is something wrong with all of this. you know that the way you are feeling cannot be ignored. be fearful when you find comfort in the darkest of places. when you choose block all light from entering your life, the darkness will make it’s move.

one particular thought seems to be waiting for me at the end of every long, difficult day. when my mind and body are utterly exhausted, my eyes glazed over with tears from the day, the thought jumps out from the darkness and swallows me whole. it is at this time that you will be the most afraid of yourself. don’t ignore this.

8:27 pm


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