9:25 PM

Outside the rain falls against the hot pavement. The fan in my room rotates with peaceful force, ah soothing white noise.

Questions rush through my head, leaving me feeling overwhelmed at what is ahead of me. What will I do after I graduate college? What do I want to do with my life? How can I improve myself? For the past week I have felt that I am missing something in my life, perhaps the lack of direction has caused my mind to worry. One thought leads to another and pretty soon I am drowning in perpetual over thinking. My heart does not question where I am headed in life, and for that I feel strong and courageous. The people around me cheer me on and wish the best for me; I feel entirely blessed.

For myself, I wish to be more confident. It is not the words that flow from others mouths that will boost this, it is thoughts from my own mind and caring words that will heal the pain I have caused myself. With each day I plan to write down my feelings and memories, getting closer to developing the continual positive relationship I desire so strongly with myself.

Living day-to-day in your own skin shouldn’t be a battle. It begins with understanding yourself and the time-table of your emotions. In order to develop love for yourself, you must truly get to know each and every fiber of your being.



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